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Today, digital interactions are becoming more common and digital identity has become a major issue for businesses and individuals. However, multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods are often seen as a constraint.

The Whispeak solution aims to strengthen the security of MFA authentication mechanisms, by adding a biometric component, while making the user experience more pleasant. It uses the most recent artificial intelligence technologies and fully complies with the GDPR regulations as well as the CNIL recommendations on the storage of biometric information.

Whispeak is a speaker recognition engine connected to a secure database, which uses a voice signature to recognize and authenticate a person among a set of declared users.


Whispeak works with all devices equipped with a microphone


Whispeak is a cloud solution that can be integrated with all applications


Whispeak allows users to be biometrically authenticated in seconds



Whispeak complies with GDPR regulations and respects user data

Contact Centers


Confidently authenticate your customers from the first seconds of discussion thanks to their voice

Transportation & Logistics


Whispeak is integrated into fleets of mobile devices to ensure better user traceability while securing business applications



Voice authentication technology enables secure access to training platforms, monitoring for each module, and learners authentication during assessments



Voice authentication on any type of platform: web, mobile application, physical access point, etc. The solution can be used as a standalone app or combined with other identification factors: password, badge, etc.

Securing Transactions


Validation of transactions by sending a random text to the customer’s mobile and recognizing the text and the speaker. Validation of delivery, remote selling, etc.

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