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ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks solutions enhances network performance and business continuity through innovative link balancing and bandwidth management technologies. Thanks to ELFIQ, companies can leverage simultaneous ISPs, mix public and private links for added flexibility, seamless failover, increased throughput and smarter WAN path selection.

ELFIQ solutions enable true inline business continuity solutions which keep organizations running, even in the face of power outages and hardware failure. Due to its cutting edge and versatile design, ELFIQ link balancing technology can be deployed in single site companies and international organizations alike to safely and easily build their SD-WAN.

Several product lines are available. All products are available as either a physical or virtual appliance with VMWare, OpenStack and Microsoft Hyper-V support for NFV deployments.

The Core Series is perfect for data centers, recovery sites, headquarters, hybrid clouds, or any environments requiring high throughput up to 20Gbps of bandwidth throughput making them among the most powerful WAN edge devices on the market. Deployed and managed through the ELFIQ Central cloud portal, the CORE Series can be integrated seamlessly in any client environment to deliver a powerful SD-WAN with zero-touch provisioning, monitoring and management to guarantee a fast return on investment.

A proven solution for Enterprises and the Public Sector, the LBX1200 Series is the ultimate bandwidth management tool that ensures your company never loses business network connectivity and provides full bandwidth control that manages up to 32 ISP or private links and delivers up to 1.5Gbps of throughput.

The LBX400 Series has advanced capabilities for traffic shaping and bandwidth management and delivers an impressive price-to-performance ratio, making it an ideal fit for SMBs, branch offices, and retail stores that require up to 400Mbps of throughput.

The Edge Series creates agile and secure branch networks up to 1Gbps with amazing reliability and performance, plus the flexibility to combine 4G/5G links, broadband, or MPLS circuits with full visibility and control to manage WAN and Internet access through the ELFIQ Central cloud portal. A lighter Edge model is also available for environments not requiring mobile connectivity.

Elfiq products significantly enhance network performance with intelligent bandwidth management solutions enabling businesses to get more bandwidth, control and manage the traffic. Elfiq products leverage a set of exclusive features to deliver seamless failover, enhanced network performance and maximum uptime.

Elfiq provide business continuity, also known as failover. The proposal is based on an active/active configuration, while other solutions are using active/passive configurations.  This allows end users to use all the bandwidth they are paying for and, most of all, to always balance traffic dynamically in real time. Clients can now leverage, use and optimize multiple ISPs for uninterrupted connectivity.

With Elfiq, clients can mix public and private connectivity links which results in greater network flexibility and, often, increased throughput. It allows end users to deploy layer 2 Hybrid WAN or SD-WAN solutions at a fraction of the price of costly private MPLS networks and offer seamless internet failover and ultimately, greater path selection for the Internet and WAN traffic.

There are numerous benefits & differentiators when using Elfiq solutions:

  • Uninterrupted internet, more uptime and continuous access to cloud based key applications such as CRM & ERP
  • SLA inspector tool giving access to measure the performance delivered by the providers
  • Advanced balancing rules, traffic segmentation, QoS and more
  • Not a point of failure, all models are equipped with a LAN Failsafe mechanism
  • Easy to deploy layer 2 installation, devices are inline, invisible to attackers, no reconfiguration of gateways & firewalls are required

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