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Anywhere, Any Service, Any Location
Propel your enterprise to the future. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, Infiot brings cloud-native architecture to any edge, converging network, zero trust security and edge-compute in a thin extensible form factor.


All-in-one solution from day zero operations to day two monitoring and troubleshooting, with a single pane of glass for connectivity, zero trust security and edge-compute.


Based on software-defined principles, cloud-native architecture delivers resiliency and elastic scale essential for one or thousands of edges.


A rich set of security features to accelerate your compliance journey. Level 1 PCI DSS 1 and HIPAA certified cloud hosting service for your peace of mind.


One-click with an on-demand app marketplace ensures rapid app deployment to edges. Centralized policy ensures streamlined management and visibility across all edges.


Unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular networks for boundless reach, reliability, and agility for your business.


AI-powered edges allow autonomy with local data processing and improved data control, with SDKs for edge programmability.

Thin Wireless Edge

Connect People, Places, and Things

A single cloud platform with thin wireless edge devices is all you need. It will connect remote workers, fixed and mobile sites, and loT devices over LTE and 5G cellular networks.

Infiot application performance over wired or wireless links delivers nonstop WAN availability and reliability with cloud-native, software-defined networking.

Integrated zero trust security to protect you from threats and keep you compliant.

Converged network for all your users, devices, and sites. Enjoy greater agility, lower costs, and less deployment complexity.

Greater extensibility with integrated edge compute and standardized remote-access services. Connect with more people, places, and things than ever before.

Unified Experience to Manage Everything

The industry’s first platform is a convergence of connectivity, zero trust security, and edge compute in a thin, wireless edge form-factor — all through a single pane of glass.

Infiot’s cloud-management platform is intuitive, policy-driven, and versatile. It offers best-in-class application performance optimization, all-you-need security, and bring-your-own services capabilities.

Enjoy Zero Touch Provisioning with full visibility and control. You’ll instantly capture the status of your connectivity, security, and services. And with an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, you can manage your compute nodes remotely for all users, IoT devices, and branches.

AI-Powered Edge Intelligence

Edge Autonomy – Distributed Compute and Programmable

As the demands of your business evolve, you need the ability to seamlessly deploy AI/ML services at the edge. Infiot will empower you to locally process data, gain actionable insights, and make real-time decisions for any use case.

Enjoy better business outcomes and enforce data-governance with intelligent processing close to the source.

AI-Powered Edge Intelligence reduces service response times, provides improved availability, and lowers bandwidth costs.

Leverage Infiot SDK and seamlessly integrate with additional services for early time-to-market.

Seamless integration with multi-cloud IoT to direct IoT data to any cloud of your choice.

Place de marché d’applications à la demande

Fully integrated lifecycle management support for intelligent services running on the edge.

Centralized policy controls enable rapid service provisioning and operations. Tackle these in bulk, on-demand, and with a single click.

You can even allow for new use cases. Just enable Infiot and technology-partner-certified services to discover and analyze IoT data while providing rapid connectivity to any cloud (e.g. AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP). Unlock edge-compute-centric use cases for all your users, IoT devices, and beyond.

Cloud-Native SDN for Networking, Zero Trust Security, and Edge Compute

The industry’s first truly cloud-native SDN. It separates the control plane and the data plane for all users, devices, and sites.

This enables resilient and elastic-scale architecture. It will function the same way for one site as it does for tens of thousands of users, devices, and other sites.

Leverage open standards for easy insertion and one-click PKI automation.

Modern architecture that supports multi-tenancy at all layers, high availability for data and web services, horizontal scaling, and agile upgrades with no downtime.

Secure Cloud Service you can trust

Infiot Zero Trust Networking with a thin wireless edge supports unparalleled security to protect your users and IoT devices. How? By isolating one network from another using physical or logical segmentation.

Infiot provides a secure, compliant, cloud-hosted service held to the strict audit standards of PCI Level 1 Service Provider and HIPAA. Hosted services are distributed in tier-1 datacenters, with certifications such as SAS70 Type II, SSAE16, and ISO 27001.

Infiot’s rich security feature set is centrally managed from the cloud. You can easily and cost-effectively deploy, monitor, and verify compliance across all your users and devices.

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