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The Adaptiv Networks solution combines all the components of a cloud-managed SD-WAN into simple Network-as-a-Service licenses that are powered by a cloud network and supported by an experienced network operations team.


Two product categories deliver agile cloud connectivity.

  • SD-INTERNET provides high performance connectivity to the cloud apps. SD-INTERNET is a powerful cloud connectivity solution that provides superior reliability and performance for business customers who depend on cloud services to run their business. Built for the digital small-to-mid sized business, SD-INTERNET is a managed network service designed to reduce IT cost and complexity while improving cloud performance and reliability.
  • SD-WAN adds secure site-to-site connectivity for the multi-site businesses. For the multi-site business who relies on both cloud and site-to-site applications

Both products provide agile cloud connectivity with centralized management. Customers who choose SD-INTERNET can easily upgrade to SD-WAN at any time if they ever require secure site-to-site connectivity.

The product licenses include all the components of a software defined network into a single site license that’s ready to grow whenever you are. 

Adaptiv | Edge

Adaptiv | Edge is the network device that connects each customer site with cloud provisioning, branch automation and centralized management for efficiency.  The Edge device combines all site broadband links (up to 8) into a unified bandwidth service for internet access and for connecting to other SD-WAN sites.

Adaptiv | Gateway

Adaptiv | Gateway is the cloud-based gateway that intelligently manages customer inbound and outbound traffic to and from cloud service providers. Our gateways are multi-tenant for faster network deployment and lower OPEX cost. Gateway access is included with all our SD-WAN and SD-Internet service licenses.

Adaptiv | Core

Adaptiv | Core is the transport network that connects all the Adaptiv Gateways together, enabling secure SD-WAN transport between sites and direct peering connections. This product ensures low latency access to popular business cloud services such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

Adaptiv | Cloud

Adaptiv | Cloud is the cloud-based SD-WAN controller used to provision, monitor and manage our SD-WAN services. Service Providers and customers can easily login to view service configurations, network analytics and real-time data about the quality of experience for any sites, links or services.



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are changing how they run their day-to-day operations. Many companies are now driving voice, video, and data through the public internet to reach their remote employees. Businesses need the right communications infrastructure that allows work from home users to connect with their data and actively participate in video-based meetings and collaboration sessions. While Unified Communications platforms and services provide support for these crucial activities, the service’s effectiveness is only as good as the underlying connection. With the sudden shift to the remote working setup, WFH employees are experiencing a wide range of experiences, and many of them are not acceptable.

Call Quality Assurance

When you’re building relationships with customers and suppliers every call count, but voice and video quality is only as good as your connection.

Adaptiv Networks provides smart connectivity that manages voice and video to ensure crystal clear quality with no dropped calls on failover.


No Dropped Calls

Live voice calls happen in real-time, so they’re highly vulnerable to getting disconnected whenever link outages occur. The seamless failover solution manages your connections and quickly reacts to keep every call connected. It happens so fast you hardly even notice.

QoS over Broadband

Adaptiv’s network intelligently manages Quality of Service (QoS) for cloud services over any broadband connections. It protects both inbound and outbound call quality by ensuring voice calls always get priority over other traffic.

Cloud Office Productivity

Enjoy the freedom to make important calls even while your co-workers are running multiple applications at the same time. The Adpativ Networks for UCaaS solution protect your call quality during peak periods of network congestion by dynamically reserving bandwidth whenever a call is initiated.

Quality-of-Experience Monitoring

The solution tracks the performance of your cloud services using Quality-of-Experience (QoE) benchmarks for call quality. The Adaptiv | Cloud portal shows QoE monitoring views and automated alerts when there’s a quality issue.

Freedom of Choice

You get the freedom to use whichever voice and video conferencing solution that’s right for your business. The solution works with any cloud services any local broadband links.  Whichever solution you choose, the call quality is protected with no dropped calls on failover.

Advanced Troubleshooting

When voice quality issues arise, it’s critical to solve the problem quickly and restore services. The solution is managed by IT pros with data capture and QoE tools that accelerate troubleshooting and eliminate the finger-pointing.

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