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Evolutions, updates, after-sales support, maintenance in operational conditions and on-call, we are at your service

A project does not end at the end of its deployment. During its operating cycle, new applications may require interconnection with the deployed solution. Changes in your information system may affect the initial configuration. New dashboards may be required. New users must be able to be trained. Updates must be made … You must be able to count on an available and responsive customer service.

At WCS Europe, we make every effort to keep our solutions in operational condition. Access to support is included in the price of the licenses and we maintain a close relationship with our customers. Our engineers and technicians speak your language and are available during working hours. If necessary, an on-call service can be set up. Our product experts are available to advise, guide and assist you at all times.

Our methodology

All incidents result in the opening of a ticket that is tracked daily. Depending on the severity of the incident, procedures allow us to mobilize additional resources internally and with our partners. Our customer service provides you with solutions development plans and informs you when new features are introduced. As part of proactive maintenance, we will contact you when updates need to be made.

Incident management




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