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A dynamic market

The basis of digital transformation, telecommunications networks are more than ever essential to customer / supplier exchanges and play a vital role in our economy. At the same time, the digital transformation process is globalizing and accelerating while adapting to the evolution of technologies. Aware of the challenges, your customers are now seeking to exploit the possibilities offered by new applications to stimulate their development and improve their profitability. For IT and telecoms professionals, this market is a tremendous growth driver.

A complex ecosystem

The dynamism of this market attracts and encourages many players. New applications are emerging daily and you must master an ever-changing ecosystem. You must also practice a permanent technological watch. In fact, vertical markets are becoming more complex and there is no “universal” application capable of satisfying all the needs linked to the digital transformation of an activity.

Your customers are looking for responsiveness and agility. You must take charge and offer them complementary solutions that can be integrated into a global project, master the technical aspects and integrate them with business applications, as well as with CRM and ERP.

Why partnering with WCS Europe?

  • Our affiliation to the Wesley Clover group allows us to be informed of the latest technological advances and places us at the heart of an ecosystem of innovative solutions
  • We distribute complementary solutions, recently introduced on the market and responding to current concerns, allowing you to diversify your offer and target new customers
  • Our cloud / SaaS model allows you to generate recurring revenue and increase your margin
  • We master all the facets of our solutions and we assist you to integrate them into your customers’ environment. We are constantly investing in the training of our technical team to maintain our know-how and expertise
  • Our engineers are certified on the main CRM and ERP platforms
  • We maintain a close relationship with our partners. Our technical experts speak your language and are available, when you need it, to provide you with the necessary support.
  • Our team has many years of experience in the telecommunications, converged communications, customer relationship, mobile applications and new uses
  • WCS Europe is a human-sized company capable of adapting very quickly to its environment, both in terms of its strategy as well as that of its operational practices and the execution of its services

What we offer you

Supplier Software editor Integrator Reseller Agent
Digital marketing platform
Marketing of your products on our store
White label services
Pre-sales, commercial and marketing support
French/English language training and sales tools
Technical support in French/English

Want to become a partner? Let's talk together!

We study all partnership applications, whether you are a supplier of telecom equipment, software editor, integrator, reseller or agent.

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