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WCS Europe facilitates digital innovation within businesses. Our service and product portfolio include innovative and complementary solutions designed to address the main challenges of digital transformation: optimization of business processes, mobility and teleworking, customer relationship and experience, data processing and analysis, security and agility of the information system, telecom and network infrastructures.

Ubefone Selects CounterPath’s Bria Enterprise Solution, Providing Clear, Reliable Communications for its Customers

CounterPath and its valued distributor, WCS Europe, partner with Ubefone to create a custom Unified Communication (UC) solution for European markets

WCS Global

Investment management and holding company Wesley Clover is pleased to announce that it has expanded the operations of the technology integration, sales and services company it launched in Paris, France in 2017. 

Mobilization against Covid-19

WCS Europe mobilizes against Covid-19 by offering some of its solutions free of charge to support those involved in the health crisis


An offer made up of innovative and complementary solutions

Business tools

Make your processes more agile and efficient


Customers relationship

Establish a better dialogue with your customers

Cyber security

Protect your information system and access to resources


Information management

Get the most out of all your data

Networking and Telecoms

Boost your network and communication tools


We support our clients before, during and after the execution of their projects


Exploiting the possibilities offered by the latest technological advances


Develop tailor-made solutions or interface with already deployed applications


From project management to recipe through training, everything you need to succeed in your project


Evolutions, updates, after-sales support, maintenance in operational conditions and on-call, we are at your service





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WCS Europe facilitates digital innovation in companies. Our product and service offer is made up of innovative and complementary solutions, adapted to the main challenges of digital transformation: optimization of business processes, mobility, customer relationship and experience, governance and enhancement of data, security and agility of the information system. All our solutions encourage new uses to increase productivity and develop business growth.